Elshan Aslanov

Elshan Aslanov - A Senior Digital Marketing Specialist with 5+ years of experience. Cooperating with both local and international brands

Paid Media Advertising

Elshan Aslanov's Work Experience

NAR (Azerfon) January 2022 - Now
  • Identifying the necessary processes, strategies, and tactics to execute the digital strategy
  • Creating and using specific audiences for different campaigns
  • Developing a universal perspective to performance measurement of web platforms by certain reports and recommendations
  • Identifying and monitoring issues of the website and apps
  • Reporting the results of oveall traffic, events and conversion
  • Executing multipurpose A/B tests
  • Tracking and segmenting of user data (from the website, apps, and customer lists)
  • Dealing with digital ecosystem of the company
  • Dealing with development processes of new website and apps
  • Dealing with retargeting and remarketing to increase the efficiency of main campaigns
SR Group Co (2021 - 2022)
Škoda Azerbaijan, Changan Azerbaijan & Mercedes-Benz Azerbaijan
  • Creating and executing digital marketing strategies of all 3 brands
  • Creating and managing campaigns with multiple purposes
  • Managing several campaigns on social media and Google
  • Segmenting and using CRM data to improve efficiency of campaigns
  • Tracking and analyzing the effect of main digital strategy on campaigns
  • Reporting the results of conversions, ROI and other performance KPIs
  • Holding proven track records of using data-led insights
  • Creating and implementing a search engine optimization strategy
  • Promoting posts on social media with the associated websites
  • Executing A/B test to get certain data about campaigns
  • Using remarketing and retargeting to improve effectiveness of some campaigns
  • AirGroup (AirTransfer) (2019-2021)
  • Executing main digital marketing strategy
  • Dealing with external Agency issues of the company
  • Monitoring key performance metrics and seeking improvement opportunities
  • Managing paid media and search campaigns
  • Reporting the results of traffic, conversion rate and other performance KPIs
  • Dealing with development processes of main website
  • Flocake (2018 - 2019)
  • Maintaining day-to-day scheduling of all marketing campaigns
  • Ensuring campaigns are sending proper message to customers
  • Managing campaigns on social media channels and Google
  • Tracking and analyzing the results of digital marketing campaigns
  • Dealing with remarketing audiences to increase effectiveness and efficiency of campaigns
  • Working with developers to solve website issues to build user-friendly landing pages
  • Creating A/B test to identify the best performed campaigns
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