Why choose Elshan Aslanov as a SMM service in Azerbaijan?

With a professional background, Elshan Aslanov is an expert based in Baku, Azerbaijan is helping brands overcome growth challenges with creativity in professional branding, advertising, and so on. There are several advantages to cooperation with Elshan Aslanov.

  • Results-Oriented Professional in advertising
  • Controlling more than ₼ 100 K budget each year

Portfolio (Flocake, Skoda Azerbaijan, Changan Azerbaijan, and Mercedes-Benz AutoStar Kaukasus, Nar, etc.) 
Elshan Aslanov will craft targeted campaigns, optimize campaign ad performance, and track results, ensuring optimal ROI and heightened brand exposure.

Facebook Advertising

To reach proper and potential customers; expand brand awareness of any business, and generate more leads and purchases, Facebook is the best platform, globally. Elshan Aslanov offers businesses to reach a proper audience with Facebook advertising.
Elshan Aslanov's social media marketing strategy helps clients create and leverage Meta (Facebook) Ads in the form of images, videos, carousel ads, etc. to get proper results for your business.
To generate more leads and purchases, Elshan Aslanov will help you tailor your ads to reach specific customers, target by demographics, and retarget them for optimal Facebook media strategy.

Instagram Advertising

According to data, Instagram is the most visited social media channel in Azerbaijan. If you are planning to enter the Azerbaijani market, Instagram is the best place for advertising.
Elshan Aslanov's main Paid Media campaign strategy on Instagram will increase audience growth, sell products, get more leads, and overall boost brand awareness. 

  • 100% Better results
  • Valuable feedbacks
  • ROI & KPI based results
  • Happy Customers

Event Tracking Implementation

Nowadays, lots of businesses want to integrate their campaign and websites to measure conversions. Elshan Aslanov will also implement Meta Pixel (including, Server-side Tracking) and Event tracking on your website or apps.  

A/B testing opportunity

A/B test is crucial for Paid Media advertising and results. Because, it helps to identify the best version of creative, audience and so on that, you can spend your money to reach better results. Therefore, Elshan Aslanov will use the A/B testing option to find out the best combination to build overall successful campaigns.

Business Process

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After the initial steps, you must complete the payment stage

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