Improve your ROI with PPC Service in Azerbaijan

PPC may be overwhelming for most businesses. In a comprehensive guide, Elshan Aslanov will cover everything you need to achieve a successful PPC campaign. These steps are included in the PPC process

  • Define performance goals and analyze historical data
  • Implement tracking
  • Customized keyword & audience targeting (including keyword sculpting)
  • Analysis of bidding and results & creating reports

Generally, the Azerbaijani language is not supported by Google. Elshan Aslanov will handle this kind of problem and approve all campaigns on Google Ads (including, search, static & HTML5 banners, and Youtube video campaigns) without any issue.

Google Ads PPC campaign

Elshan Aslanov is a professional pay-per-click expert in Azerbaijan. He will deliver high-value traffic via Google Ads while focusing on precise intent-targeting to make sure that all ads are being shown to the right audiences at the right time. Event and conversion tracking on your website also will be implemented.
In addition, Elshan Aslanov’s result-driven strategy will boost your conversion rate and overall results. 


If you're looking for remarketing campaigns, Elshan Aslanov will also help you build successful campaigns for the your audience. His main pay-per-click strategy can strategize and reach proper audiences with precise audience segmentation for gaining back or following up with your existing users.

  • 100% Better results
  • Valuable feedbacks
  • ROI & KPI based results
  • Happy Customers

Drive best results with A/B test

A/B testing is really powerful option. With our A/B testing it will be a lot easier. After this kind of test, your best PPC campaign will improve overall results and the number of conversions. In this way, you will efficiently use your budget for your PPC purposes. 

Increase Leads & Sales

Lots of businesses focus on their conversion action, such as Lead generation and Sales. Our PPC strategy delivers your ads to your previous and new customers. Also, event tracking helps us check and measure website conversion. Get more online conversions including form submissions and purchases (in addition, all e-commerce steps such as item list, item, add to cart, begin checkout, add to shipping, add to payment info, and purchase) essential for your website. 

Business Process

Follow the steps to discuss your business

Firstly, please send your brief about your request

The second step is scheduling the meeting at the proper time

After the initial steps, you must complete the payment stage

We will meet and discuss the problems


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